Ricardo L. Saludo

  • ● Founding President & Chief Executive Officer, CenSEI;
  • Former Chairman, Civil Service Commission (CSC);
  • ● Former Cabinet Secretary and Presidential Spokesperson, Office of the ● President of the Philippines;
  • ● Former Editor-Writer of Asiaweek Magazine;
  • Current Columnist of the Manila Times;
  • Adjunct Faculty in Government and Journalism at Ateneo de Manila University and in Public Administration at the University of the Philippines.

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Gary B. Olivar

  • ● Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and Business Development Director, CenSEI;
  • ● Former Associate Professor of Finance, Asian Institute of Management (AIM);
  • ● Former Presidential Economic Spokesperson, Office of the President of the Philippines (2001-2010);
  • ● Former Senior Financial Executive of Smart Communications, ● Bayantel, Sumitomo Trust Bank, Banco de Oro and American Express;
  • Currently Columnist of the Manila Standard
  • ● Member, Philippine Council for Foreign Relations.

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Antonio D. Kalaw, Jr.

  • ● Managing Director, CenSEI;
  • ● Career Executive Service Officer (CESO) Rank – I (equivalent to Undersecretary) 43 years in government service;
  • Former (7th) President of the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP);
  • ● Former Chairman & Board Member, Career Executive Service Board (CESB);
  • ● Former Trustee, Civil Service Academy (CSA) & the Foreign Service Institute (FSI);
  • Former Alternate Director & National Productivity Organization (NPO) Head of the Asian Productivity Organizations (APO);
  • ● Current Vice-President & Board Member, Center for Philippine Futuristics Studies & Management;

Current Chairman, Academe Cluster, Philippine Council for Foreign Relations.